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Teeth Whitening in Beaufort

July 8, 2017

Where can I get Teeth whitening in Beaufort?

A dazzling set of pearly whites contributes to a positive self-image, and can be an asset in social and professional interactions. At Marshlands Family Dentistry, we can erase stains and brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening Beaufort. Cosmetic teeth whitening can dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth, giving you the boost of confidence you need to get ahead.

Teeth Whitening in Beaufort

Tooth discoloration is a prevalent concern, affecting millions of Americans. In fact, studies show that 90% of dental patients have asked their dentists about teeth whitening options. Teeth that are stained, due to certain highly pigmented foods, beverages, and tobacco usage may be improved with professional teeth whitening treatment. Age related tooth discoloration, which occurs as enamel thins and exposes the yellowish dentin, may also respond to teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums and their supporting structures, to determine if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, or if you would achieve better results with a different course of treatment. Providing treatment that is better suited to your individual needs, your dentist offers the choice between an in-office teeth whitening, and a whitening kit you can use at home. During an in-office teeth whitening in Beaufort, your dentist applies a dental grade whitening agent to the surfaces of your teeth, where it breaks down stains tor reveal a smile that is several shades brighter in one short visit. If you choose to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, your dentist can customize a set of whitening trays for safe and easy use. A home whitening offers a more gradual, but equally effective approach, and can also be used as a follow-up to your in-office treatment.

At Marshlands Family Dentistry, we believe that everyone deserves to smile with confidence. There is no need to hold back your smile any longer, teeth whitening Beaufort can help. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call today.


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